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Speaker Biography

Dr. Katharyn Boyer is a coastal ecologist specializing in science-informed restoration, with a focus on improving the design and resilience of estuarine habitat restoration projects in the intertidal and subtidal zones. A biology professor at San Francisco State University’s Estuary & Ocean Science Center for sixteen years, Dr. Boyer teaches undergrad and graduate students to apply basic ecological understanding and scientific methodology to conservation and management problems. She and her students work primarily in tidal marshes and seagrass beds, studying their ecology and developing and testing restoration techniques to maximize native species diversity and ecosystem functioning. Much of their recent work is focused on climate change adaptation, testing “green infrastructure” enhancements to reduce shoreline erosion, provide refuge for wildlife during flooding, build carbon stores, and locally mitigate acidifying waters. Growing up on Maryland farmland near the Chesapeake Bay sparked her life-long fascination with the connections between human society and the sea.

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