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Promoting a Sustainable World through Environmental Education

Environmental Forum of Marin promotes a sustainable world by providing exceptional educational programs on environmental issues. These programs are education for action.


The Environmental Forum's Popular Master Class is back!

Founded over 40 years ago to encourage the protection of Marin's natural resources, the Environmental Forum of Marin is again offering its landmark study course.

This comprehensive training focuses on Marin's natural landscapes and the challenges they face. Promoting environmental stewardship, the training prepares advocates for today's changing world.

Master Class 42

Classes, Field Trips and Advocacy Training
Empowering Advocates for the Natural World

Applications now being accepted with your $50 deposit (non-refundable).

Two words most frequently describe Environmental Forum of Marin’s Master Class — life changing.

The Master Class is an ideal course for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge of environmental issues and those looking to enhance professional credentials regarding sustainability.

Master Class is a comprehensive series of field trips and classes focused on the natural world, human impact on the environment, advocacy training, and completion of a stewardship project.

Upon completion of the Master Class graduates join a remarkable community of fellow Forum graduates. Individuals who apply their knowledge in positions as far ranging as the U.S. Senate, local governments at all levels, in non-profit organizations, small businesses and large corporations.

The Master Class will give you:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the global problems posed by climate change and how these issues affect our community.
  • A clear understanding of human impact upon the environment and specifically Marin’s ecosystems.
  • Many opportunities to interact with scientists, policy makers, environmental advocates, land use and transportation planners. 
  • Critical thinking skills, skills which are beneficial long after class concludes.
  • Training and coaching to become comfortable with public speaking (really!)
  • The knowledge and confidence to take meaningful action on behalf of the environment.

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Lecture Series

The Lecture Series is a dynamic look at some of today's most pressing environmental challenges. Speakers review the science underlying specific topics and explore what we can do as individuals to meet the challenges facing us.

Lecture Series 2015 will examine Drought, Threatened Oceans, Climate Disruption, and the effects on our Community. We educate for action. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face and leave with greater confidence in making choices benefiting our environment and local communities. Eight sessions ran from January through April.

For more information, please visit the Lecture Series page to learn more about this year's lectures.


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As a small business owner, I felt certain I could never spare so many Tuesdays as the Master Class required. Yet after only the second meeting, Tuesdays had become my favorite day of the week. 

For me, the Master Class had a magical way of connecting so many of the dots that had to do with our environment, on both local and global levels. It helped me see how our ecosystems are all connected, how fragile they all are, and how dependent upon each other… and upon US to lighten our impacts.

Having completed the Forum's Master Class is one of the most important things I've done in my adult life. And that's saying quite a lot.

—Susan B. MC40

From the moment that I learned about the Environmental Forum of Marin, I wanted to take the Master Class, and kept the brochure in my files in wait of a freer work schedule. I decided that I would just have to make the time, and jumped in. 

The Class was great. Speakers were uniformly expert in their topics, and many of them were inspiring. Each new week, the topic that we studied — whether wetland ecology, Marin County geology, waste recovery, or global climate — seemed like the most important and interesting one yet. 

My classmates were committed and concerned. Some of them were already environmental leaders; others were clearly on their way to taking on more leadership.  

I have kept in touch with many fellow graduates, as well as making connections with those from other classes. I have had the pleasure, for example, of collaborating with my teammates in a Class Project twice since our class — reproducing our project, a plastics awareness conference, in Contra Costa County two years in a row. 

The Environmental Forum can be the beginning of many great changes in the life of anyone who enters with a full heart and an open mind.

—Stuart M. MC39

Master Class 34 was a life-changing experience for me in terms of the high quality environmental training — basics about the natural world and cutting-edge issues regarding climate change and land use/housing, among many others. It is excellent advocacy training and is also an entree into an extraordinary network of environmental activists in Marin and beyond.“

—Heather F. MC34

Our Members in Action

As advocates for the natural world, we are proud of the various projects our members are working onPlease take a look!

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