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Education for Action

Environmental Forum of Marin provides exceptional educational programs about environmental issues. Attend our landmark Master Class for a comprehensive training focused on Marin’s natural landscapes, ecosystems, and the challenges they face by promoting environmental stewardship, and preparing participants to advocate for preservation of our unique environment. The Lecture Series will begin in the Spring of 2017.  

Master Class

Master Class 43, our intimate and comprehensive, hands-on educational experience about the environment begins on August 27th. This intensive immersion, through classroom discussion with experts in their respective fields, will introduce the history and current issues of Marin’s environment with particular focus on the global context of climate change and effective environmental advocacy to preserve our local ecosystems.

Comprised of a series of field trips and classes focused on the natural world, human impact, and advocacy training, the Master Class is ideal for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge of environmental issues, engage in environmental stewardship or enhance their environmental credentials. As a capstone, students complete a stewardship project, either individually or in teams, on a relevant topic of their choice.

This remarkable program, offered only once per year, is about to begin and is now accepting applications. Click here to apply and reserve a spot with a $50 deposit. 

Please consider joining Master Class 43 which begins August 27th 2016.

Lecture Series

Attending Environmental Forum's Lecture Series is a powerful way to take action towards addressing our most pressing environmental challenges. 2017 lectures dates will be announced.





Make a matching grant! 

Donating to the Environmental Forum is a gesture of support like no other. Whether you choose a one-time donation, annual gift, or a legacy donation, we appreciate it enormously. You might even consider donating in the form of an annual scholarship, to allow Master Class attendance to someone for whom tuition is a hardship. Please click here for details.

Membership Renewal

Renew your 2016 membership. Members receive a discount for Lecture Series attendance.

Donate to help the Environmental Forum continue to provide its great programs.


The Master Class had an incredible way of connecting so many of the dots that have to do with our environment, on both local and global levels.” Susan B., 2013


The Master Class was a life-changing experience for me, in terms of high quality environmental training. It provides excellent advocacy training and an entrée into an extraordinary network of environmental activists in Marin and beyond.” Heather F., 2007


As a Mill Valley Councilmember, I treated myself to the Master Class as a way to steep myself more deeply in the issues I care so much about.” Stephanie M.P., 2012


I really appreciated the focus on problems with a view not of placing blame, but rather directing energy toward awareness and solutions.” Asher M., 2011


I tend to get angry about what’s going on environmentally, but am reminded that people will hear me more clearly when I’m calm, measured, and loving in my lectures!” Stuart M., 2012


The speakers left me with hope and a reason for getting involved.” Carolyn S., 2006


The series continues to astonish, edify, and inspire me. I feel so blessed to have discovered EFM!” Anonymous, 2008


"The Master Class changed my life." Nancy B., 2010


Our Graduate Members in Action

Countless graduates of our Master Class become advocates for the natural world. We’re intensely proud of the projects they’re working on—they’re the reasons we continue to do what we do! Click here to see some of the exciting projects that have been completed, or are still in the works.


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