Education for Action: Continuing a legacy of environmental education, advocacy
training, and leadership

Environmental Forum of Marin offers two educational training programs which work in concert to provide students with a solid grounding in basic principles and leadership skills.

The Lecture Series

Lecture Series 2014 offers four compelling, top-of-mind topics:

  • Fracking
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Wild Fires
  • Transportation and Land Use

Speakers will review the science and issues that surround these topics and explore what we can do as individuals and citizens to meet the challenges facing us – truly Education for Action. 

Lecture Series 2014 began on January 29th. 

Learn about the Lecture Series.

The Master Class

This multi-week series of classes and field trips is the Environmental Forum’s flagship educational program. The Master Class curriculum delves into the natural world, the impacts of human activity and development pressures on land and resources, and ways in which students can step up to positions of stewardship, advocacy, and leadership.

Classes and field trips are held on Tuesdays (8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) from late August through the following January. Graduation takes place in March following students’ completion of a final project which affords them opportunities to get in the trenches and work on timely community-based challenges and issues. The next Master Class begins in late August of 2014

Learn about the Master Class.

Learn about Master Class scholarship opportunities.


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